Interior Design Education

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 7:50 PM
Are You An Interior Design Student? Show off your work at interior-dezine-pix. This website allows you to upload your photographs of interior projects that you have done, add a commentary on them and others can make comments.What a great way to learn more about interior decoration and hone your skills. You can grab some interior decorating ideas and see what others are working on.This website is dedicated to educating designers.

Interior design finishes explores everything from paint to carpet, including metals, timber flooring and types of wood. Interior design fittings and fixtures provides basic knowledge on electrical systems, fittings, fixings, plumbing and tapware, locks and bathroom accessories. Soft furnishings provides a solid understanding into the world of fabrics and fibers, as well as curtans, blinds and accessories. If there is something you can’t find information on then let us know!

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