Made up of 90% eco compatible materials on its interiors, this Eco-Luxury House was built by Italian architect Simone Micheli for himself and his family in Florence, Italy. It is an authentic hyperrealist portrait of the “Ethical Luxury” which is one of the main focuses of Micheli daily architectural searching. Micheli thought that luxury is doesn’t mean opulence and redundancy but rather the essentials, ethical gestures contents oriented, free spaces with scattered basic elements. It means creating a building without destroying, creating processes having a strong ethical sense and capable of becoming generators of healthy beauty. Micheli Residence is a dynamic, extremely fresh and vivid intervention taking place in an ancient 1800 setting which has converted these spaces laden with memories into a new environment capable of hosting meaninful fragments connected with a fast and unstoppable metropolitan life.

Micheli Residence luxury Living room design
Modern luxury Living room design of Micheli Residence

Below is some resume based on the architects description:
The volumetric development of the living room is triggered from the longitudinal axis to meets a counterpoint, a minor transept in correspondance with the kitchen, a snow white sculpture marked exclusively by the partition of the doors which forms a niche in the added body resulting in dilating space in the dimension perpendicular to the windows. The bookcase with an acid green highlight, the mirror furniture and couches, which look as soft as pink clouds, as well as the back wall lend liveliness to the overall architecture. All along this transveral dilatation glass tables for lunch and work are located together with a screen coming down the ceiling which can visually separate the kitchen from the rest of the environment. This informal crystalline, naive, immaculate, antibourgeois, suspended between minimalism and radical chic is torn by ringing and vivid patches of colours. The plaster of the original 1800 walls was stripped off and they were pickled thus forming a philological contrast with the the new smooth walls. The big size enamelled grès porcelain tiles floor are absolute white, they are as bright as the walls, the surreal ecoleather spherical poufs and the kitchen lacquering, the mirror furniture side surfaces and the bases of the stuffed furniture. The lighting featuring built in adjustable spotlights located in the false ceiling and the lamps with very narrow optics underline and enhance the lyric volumetric and cromatic episodes of this composition.

Micheli Residence luxury Bedroom design
Modern luxury Bedroom design of Micheli Residence

The bedrooms are characterized by extreme whiteness and by essential architectural gestures with the furniture which is composed by few single totemic elements. The double bedroom is suspended between dream and reality where a big blue backlit round mirror flies over the bed like a flying saucer. The bed mattress is supported by a flying carpet which forms the leather upholstered structured headboard with its fold.

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