Situated in a forest in the town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire Quebec-Canada, this beautiful mountain cottage offering amazing natural views in every way. Completed by Canadian architects Blouin Tardif Architecture, this countryside wooden house is features a modern interior design with warm wood ceilings, polished-concrete floors, expansive glass walls, and an open-concept two-storey glazed living area is flooded with natural light while making the most of the forest view. This stunning mountain villa takes advantage of the woods with its floor-to-ceiling windows, which give every room a direct connection to the outdoors, well-matched for a mountain chalet with an open attitude for contemporary adjustment. So, please thinking about a perfect place which should be visited to remove an exhaustion life in crowded urban environments….!

Mountain Villa Living room design
Mountain Villa Interior Living room design in Quebec-Canada by  Blouin Tardif Architecture

Mountain Villa Bedroom design
Mountain Villa Interior Bedroom design in Quebec-Canada by Blouin  Tardif Architecture

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