Located in 40 miles outside of london, this stunning apartments is owned by gemma ahern who is also part of the atelier abigail ahern design team. The challanges is, they have to create a fabulously stylish pad without spending loads of money, the apartment renovation plan is to spend $10,300 (or £6,500) of their hard earned savings for a complete overhaul, that is mean they have to gutting out the apartment entirely and literally beginning again. The result is this perfect apartment interior that definitely not something we see everyday. They surely managed to impress us with the terrific work, a cost effective work. With quirky show pieces, varied hues, use of mix-and-match in styles and colors, they all makes up for a very modern yet elegant style. One of the most interesting features is the bookcase wallpaper in living room which gives a very casual and lounge-like look and feel.

Apartment Reception room Renovation result
Cost Effective Apartment Renovation Ideas by Atelier abigail  ahern

Gemma Ahern Apartment Living room Renovation result
Cost Effective Living room Renovation Ideas by Atelier abigail  ahern

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