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Nunca pensaría pintar de negro algunas de las paredes de mi sala, pero me ha encantado esta combinación de colores que se ve super elegante. El contraste del color crema y dorado y atrás el fondo negro con el espejo en plata se ve genial.
Desde ya he comprado tela dorada para hacer el cojín, y esa mesita creo que se puede hacer con 4 porcelanatos brillantes. Que les parece?

Guides on Planning an Outdoor Lighting Layout

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Guides on Planning an Outdoor  Lighting Layout

Outdoor lighting projects such as garden lighting, park, landscape lighting need a serious planing. A successful outdoor lighting plan requires selecting the right fixtures, then placing and wiring them correctly. The first thing before planing an outdoor lighting is Selecting the right design and components, Walk into any home center or garden center this spring and you’re guaranteed to run into a towering display of low-voltage lighting. You’ll find $69 prepackaged sets and $100 individual lights; plastic fixtures and metal ones; lights you can shine down from trees and up from ponds.
Use waterproof pond lights for illuminating pools, fountains and other water features; offset path lights for lighting walkways; cone lights for highlighting both walkways and the surrounding plants; tree-mounted spotlights for simulating moonlight; and flood lights for illuminating trees, buildings and other large elements.

basic Outdoor  Lighting Layout
Consider that a Special lights need special effects too, A MOON LIGHT should be installed 15 to 30 ft. high and have one or more branches between it and the ground to simulate moon shadows. Provide at least 24 in. between the light and branches to prevent “hot spots.”
Planning an Outdoor  Lighting Layout on tree
Here are another tips on designing an outdoor lighting plan:

  • If your lights come with press-on fittings—the type that bite through the insulation and into the wire to make their connection—cut them off and use the wire connectors shown in Photo 4. 

  • The farther a light is from the transformer (and the more lights installed between it and the transformer), the less light it will put out.  

  • Always leave a little extra wire as you hook up the lights. This will give you the freedom to move a light after you’ve hooked it up for testing or after you’ve installed it.

  • Burying the wires should be your last step. Lay everything out, hook up your lights, test your voltage, and look at your results at night before burying the lines.

  • Purchase a transformer with a built-in photocell and timer. Orient the photocell with some western (sunset) orientation so it doesn’t turn lights on too early.

real Outdoor  Lighting Layout
more information:

Outdoor Lighting System of Confort Myojindai with EYE CERA ARC lamps - main view
The outdoor  lighting system for this housing complex was revamped along with exterior improvements of the housing development. Pole lights and approach lights of human scale and height have been set up along the pathways for the development. Here is an outdoor lighting system of Confort Myojindai, located in Yokohama City, Japan.
Outdoor Lighting System of Confort Myojindai with EYE CERA ARC lamps - Environmentally-friendly lighting system
By combining wide-span light distributing Cerca fixtures and highly efficient EYE CERA ARC lamps, a lighting environment was created, which contributes to energy conservation while ensuring sufficient illuminant for safety. Environmentally-friendly lighting system that controls light pollution gently illuminates the garden.
Outdoor Lighting System of Confort Myojindai with EYE CERA ARC lamps - Cerca-L provides sufficient illuminance for safety
The solar LED blocks are set up along the roads, for creating a visual guidance effect and therapeutic space, so it make a romantic and safety road to use the roads. [eye]

Outdoor Lighting System of Confort Myojindai with EYE CERA ARC lamps - Solar LED along the roads

Holiday Home interiors Designs

This attractive holiday home design with spectacular panoramic ocean view in Emu Bay, South Australia is designed by Max Pritchard, An Australian Architect. Timber decked terraces either side of the living area provide outdoor seating options for different wind directions. The sheltered rear courtyard, framed by the building, huge water tanks & timber screens focuses on a wood fired pizza oven.

Holiday Home interiors Designs

Corrugated colorbond, timber windows, flooring and decking, reinforces the relaxed timeless holiday atmosphere whilst the floating roof form adds drama to the exposed site. With an exposed site of sweeping views, the clients necessary a relaxed holiday home that maximizes views, but provided sheltered outdoor areas.

Holiday Home interiors Designs

The living area, with its dominant floating “lid” roof, emphasizes the drama of the exposed site. Two bedroom wings radiate from this core, and enclose a rear sheltered courtyard focusing on a wood fired pizza oven. Indented timber decks, either side of the living area, provide other options for sheltered outdoor living, with the choice dictated by wind direction.

Holiday Home interiors Designs

The building is elevated a meter above the ground to maximize the view and reinforce the dramatic form. Double glazing and high performance glass, cross ventilation and fans for cooling and a highly efficient combustion heater for heating, minimize energy use. Hot water is from an efficient electric heat pump.

Holiday Home interiors Designs
Holiday Home interiors Designs
Holiday Home interiors Designs

The LUNA Bathtub Design by''Carlo Colombo''

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The LUNA bathtub is a modern minimalist bathtub ideas created by Italian architect Carlo Colombo for Antonio Lupi. The LUNA bathtub was created to stand in the middle of the bathroom as its absolute protagonist, the LUNA tub has a high, important backrest.

Backrest inclination & height make this tub welcoming, comfortable & giving you total relaxation. The base shape is rectangular, but sides are rounded, another singularity making the tub comfortable.

The LUNA Bathtub Design
The LUNA Bathtub Design
The LUNA Bathtub Design
The LUNA Bathtub Design

Decorative Wall Mirrors by Riflessi

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Mirror is an element of any interior design. Often we have several of them in our apartment or house and should to pay attention to their choice. They are not only important part of any bathroom or hall, but also a right mirror could become an amazing decoration of your interior. Italian company Riflessi offers a great selection of beautiful wall mirrors. Among its products you could find a mirror what fit to every style. There are absolutely minimalist examples without frame and contemporary solutions with unusual shapes available. If you want to create an atmosphere of opulent panache then you could choose a wall mirror with gold or silver finish. All of them perfectly demonstrate matchless elegance of Italian design and high quality of production.

Decorative Wall Mirrors
Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors

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