Great Interior Design of Popular Theatre Center in Europe

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 8:25 PM
There are few things more entertaining than enjoying a good show in a good theatre, the Interior design is important to create a Great celebration atmosphere . There are some of Popular Theatre Interior design in Europe such as Bijlmer Park Theater in Anton de Komplein-Amsterdam , Vila Joiosa Auditorium Theatre in Alicante-Spain, Quarterhouse Performing Arts and Business Centre in Folkestone-England and St. Petersburg Dance Theatre Rusia.

Paul de Ruiter was invited to compete in the selection of the architect who would design a cultural building in the southeast district of the city of Amsterdam. This cultural building was to be a multifunctional building for four users; a circus (Circus Elleboog), a theatre (Krater Theater), the Youth Theatre School and the Theatre Workplace, all professional organisations in the field of talent development, cultural education, production and programming. Rectangular auditorium with two ear-shaped appendages beside the performing area - a circus/theater auditorium with between 162 and 277 seats. These two rounded areas on the long sides of the main auditorium make it possible to use this in a range of circus configurations and theater configurations, by making use of versatile wings and movable seating areas.

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