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Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 6:24 AM
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  • The trend in urban society today wants to have a home that is practical and multifunctional, but still nice place to live. Not surprisingly, the minimalist style so often loved the tiny houses have remained seabrek function. Some people say Living in the box, maybe that's appropriate expression.
  • However, the KEY in IDEAL house there is only basic functions of the house. Now the little house does not necessarily mean rigid, stuffy, and narrow. In fact, small houses can be arranged with the appropriate interior comfort and impressed that area. Although only a limited land you should be mensiasati spaces narrow to meet the needs of the family desired. And find solutions to a memorable impression of a narrow area.
  • Now the limited space is no longer relevant as an excuse to have a small house. Limited land, especially in major cities, demanding people to save money in setting up the house. It takes special tricks when arranging the interior of the tiny house. Starting from the wall color selection to display in space. The owner challenged to create comfort in occupancy, although collided with the problem area of limited size. But you do not get discouraged quickly because of the spatial layout, color selection and the selection of appropriate furniture can mensiasati rooms look a little more widely and stay beautiful.

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