Glass Bed

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 12:31 PM
This contemporary designed bed frame and surround is made from glass, ideal for grand interiors and those wishing to make a real statement in the bed room!

The elongated headboard has a series of three steps on which to rest the pillows at different levels and angles, which also offer space for putting your clock or a, table lamp or two, but to be honest I think that would be defeating the object in the plainness of this dramatic bed!

The overall dimensions of the Glass Bed are quite immense, a pretty large bedroom would be needed to accommodate it.

There is something quirky about this bed which really appeals to me! I think it’s the sense of space and clean lines it offers. The black pillows and what I can only assume is the mattress provide a striking visual impact. The little tufts of white ‘feathers’ adds a quirky interest! I think the bed would look equally stunning with bright white accessories!

I wonder how cold the glass is to the touch? Something the Italians have less to worry about than us in the UK! Touching the glass may be just the thing on hot sultry nights!

Designed by the Italian studios Santambrogio Milan, Glass Bed has also been designed with the series of steps which come down two sides offering a more compacted version and ‘looks’ to hold the mattress more securely in place.

For further details of Glass Bed visit fuzbiz , translation from French will be needed!

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