Classic Chair Interior Design

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 3:45 PM

As his graduation project artist and designer Lex Pott created ‘Fragments of Nature.’ A collection of furniture that comes as close as possible to keeping the integrity of the original material. Lex Pott combined industrial, geometric forms with the original, organic structure of a tree in a series of items of furniture. Where the legs of his table meet its top, the form of a tree trunk can easily be seen. The simple, elegant designs are easily reproduced and maintain a grounded, organic feel that harkens back to nature. I’m curious how lots of of you who are reading this editorial would buy something like this for your house ? I don’t buy, because it’s not my style ! – Via- Muuuz

fragments of nature 2 Fragments of Nature by Lex Pott

fragments of nature 1 Fragments of Nature by Lex Pott

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