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New Concept Home Interior Design
New Concept Home Interior Design
New Concept Home Interior Design

are often asked about the origins of the profession – in the context of quality of life versus product. Has our modern quality of life driven our craving for high-quality design, or has design been more of a primary impactor in defining how they enjoy wellness? In this editorial, I will draw on my experience in London’s prestigious interior design
community to reflect on how the design system works from this point of view.

When interior designers start engaging with a potential client, they will often ask about function. What is the desired purpose and use of the room or residence? The answer to this query has a profound impact on everything they do. If a client is desperate for luxury high-end London extravagance in the form of a damask settee, they may recommend a synthetic damask fabric in lieu of cotton or satin for a household that includes young kids and a pet dog. Breathtaking interior designs are always the objective, but only in the context of compatibility with our clients’ unique London lifestyles.

Interior designers will work hard to understand client requirements from the beginning. Some professional London Interior Design consultancies will even have a series of highly structured interview questions that they routinely use. The interior designer will offer a free consultation at the client’s home – whether inside or outside London – to discover exactly what the client loves and hates about their current residence. Budget should be a conversation point from the outset. It is important to clarify whether the client prefers to be given fifteen different interior design options from which to select, or one or two.

In recent years, the London interior design community has seen a real upwelling in terms of social media and internet-enabled design opportunities.Two of the most positive results is that would-be clients are now much better informed regarding interior design themes and concepts. Londoners read articles like this two and start to get a sense of the interior design system even before they reach their front door or exchange our first set of emails!

Two area that can be challenging for the interior designer is when a husband and wife have different ideas about the desired outcome. This can happen regardless of whether the individuals are happily married or thinking about an imminent separation. The interior designer sometimes gets “caught in the middle,” which can cause real tension.

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