Modular House in Madrid, Spain by A-cero architecture Studio

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Modular House in Madrid Spain by A cero architecture Studio
Directed by Joaquin Torres, the first luxury modular houses that located in Madrid, Spain, was finished by A-cero architecture Studio, introducing a modular architecture product based on the principles of the Industrialized Construction. It applies the same ‘production line’ standardisation procedures to the construction, modularity, technology, quality control and time spaces that are applied to other many fields of human activity. The Modular House benefits from the speed and cost advantages of assembly line production. Producing in-factory and assembling on-plot means that within just 3 months a house design can be enjoyed after signing. More specialized labour can increase productivity and quality as well as reducing the costs.
A-cero plan to roll out the offering of bespoke modular houses offering decoration as equipping as an extra service, in the same way you would receive a boat. Example prices are divulged as 69,000€ for an 82 sq m house as standard, or fully decorated and equipped for 85,000€. Joaquin Torres A-cero architecture Studio also advised that this system need not be exclusive for residential construction – schools, offices, retirement homes or student residences could also benefit from this modular buildings technique
The project is unique from the typical prefabricated house in offering luxury but distinct from Daniel Libeskind’s recently revealed luxurious prefab (Libeskind Villa, the German-made Future House) in offering luxury at an affordable price, not simply for the economic elite.
Modular House in Madrid Spain exterior building and swimming pool
Modular House in Madrid Spain exterior building facade
Modular House in Madrid Spain exterior facade and water pool
Modular House in Madrid Spain interior design bedroom
Modular House in Madrid Spain interior design dining and living room

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